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We insure your entrance to Russia

With a regular visa, you cannot travel to Russia at the moment due to the restrictions at the Russian border

We can make your entrance to the Russian Federation safe by special visa or special invitation.

We arrange it for you

Our services can be provided for any citizen Vlajka európskej únie of EU countries

One year multiple entry visa to Russia

If you don't have a valid visa to the Russian Federation

We'll send you all nessacery documents for entry to the Russian Federation via email. You will take it together with your photo and passport to the nearest Consulate on a certain date. We make an appoitment for you. Once you get special visa, you can travel immediatelly.

Price includes:

Special invitation
Visa application form
Travel insurance
Your date on Consulate



Processing time: up to 5 weeks

Fill out the application

Single entry to the Russian Federation for a period of 90 days

You must have a valid visa

We send you via email all nessacery documents for entry to the Russian Federation

Price includes:

Special invitation to the Russian Federation



Processing time: within ten days

Fill out the application

Contact us by phone +421 908 746 578 or by e-mail viza@danmar.travel. Also you can choose your package and fill out application for visa.

About us

Our staff is well-trained and offers years of experience with visa to the Russian Federation

Since year 2002


Come and join our comunity of thousands satisfied clients: global corporations, family business, SME, artists, experts, individual travelers

Years of experience and professional networking of our team give you an opportunity to travel and enter Russia Federation, even in case of strict restrictions on Russian border for foreigners


You can visit us in our office

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